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Trip to Vandy ER

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on January 26, 2009

Well, the weekend wasn’t so great. Trace had tons of mouth sores from the chemo starting on Friday. He still went to school, but text me to let me know he had ‘olsers’ in his mouth. It looked  more like chicken pox in his mouth due to the fact that there were about 75 blisters on the roof of  his mouth, tongue and gums! He didn’t eat quite as much as normal due to the discomfort, but they are mostly gone now.

Also, on Friday he woke up with neuropathy. (also due to the chemo – Nobody said chemo was for sissies – maybe that will be a slogan also…) Neuropathy feels like his hands and feet are going to sleep, you  know the needles, the pain? Well, he doesn’t like the needles very much. He isn’t such a big fan of pain either. When he walks it hurts, when he puts his hands or feet in water it hurts, when he tries to open his toothpaste it hurts. You get the picture. He got some medication ordered and started it on Sunday. Today it seems a little better. Hopefully the med will keep the neruopathy in check. I told him that when he gets old this may happen so now he can sympathize with me a little. He didn’t. 🙂

So on Sunday when I was kissing him goodnight he felt a little warm. Temperature 99.5. If he has a temperature greater than 100.5 he has to go to ER due to low white blood cells and not being able to fight infection. I set my alarm for midnight to recheck his temp, but checked it before going to sleep around 10:15. It was 100.59. We headed to the ER around 10:30. We got there and got in a room. The staff checked his blood cultures from each line of his Hickman Catheter (to see if the lines were infected), did a chest xray (to check for pneumonia), and drew a blood count (CBC). His temp was now 101.99. Everything looked good, but he got IV antibiotics to get rid of whatever germ was causing the fever. We got home around 5am and settled down for a long winter’s nap…

Trace slept until about 10:30am and felt great all day. No fever. He should be on schedule for Thursday’s admission for his 5 day round of chemo. (number 4!!)  Please, pray that he will stay healthy enough to receive the chemo on Thursday and his pain will subside. 

Thank you for all of your messages, prayers and support. 

Thank you for taking this journey with our family,

Amy and Trace’ll


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The Baldies

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on January 20, 2009

Trace and I saw a hawk flying today and he said he would love to be a hawk. (you know, to fly and all…) I told him he looked more like a bald eagle and so did his daddy, but he insisted that he would be a hawk. All because his inline travel team, the Hendersonville Hawks. By the way, the Hawks are a great group of boys and parents!

Trace is doing better every day. He went to school today, but came home due to fatigue. He was just worn out. He seems to be much perkier tonight and ate a good supper. (thank you, ladies) It seems to be taking about three days after we get home for him to get energetic again. That’s not so bad. 

Trace had a great time at the Predators game even though we lost. He loves hockey!

We will keep you updated,


Trace Completes Round Three: It’s A Knock-Out!!

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on January 19, 2009

Trace finished his third round of six on Saturday, January 17 and we got home around 7pm. He slept great in his own bed and never got sick. No booting, yay!! He said he prefers the three day round of chemo over the five day, but seriously, he has done pretty well with both of them. He is pretty worn out still, but not too worn out to miss the Predators game tonight with his Daddy. (thank you, Phil Nanny!)

Trace’s spirits continue to soar. We were discussing his upcoming surgery last week in bed (it should be in March, but I don’t know any details until end of February). I told him the Dr. would probably have to remove his scapula (left), but I wasn’t sure what else or exactly what that would mean. (there are about 8 cases of Ewing’s Sarcoma of the scapula per year). He asked me if he would look differently after the surgery. I said, “Well, Trace. You look pretty different now. I don’t know anybody who looks as good as you do.” He said, “Yeah. I didn’t think about that. Good thing I look like you.” That kid is soo smart!

Our next visit to the hospital should be Thursday, January 29. This will be for a five day stay. Please, pray there will be limited booting. Preferably, none!

We appreciate all of the cards, letters and emails. It is so exciting to hear from people we haven’t had contact with in a while or to hear positive encouragement from people we don’t even know. Thank you!!

You guys are the best,

Chris, Amy, Trace, Maddie and Cole Boone

Chemo Round 3 Going Great

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We are on day 2 of round 3.  We should go home Saturday night. Trace is doing great- no booting! We had PF Chang’s again tonight because that is what Trace wanted.

I want to thank everyone again. The gift cards are great, your prayers are the best, all you are doing is helping us get through this time. Trace is staying so positive and keeping us all in stitches.

The visit from our Kappa Alpha friends was the best. It was great to see Tracy, David, James and Luke again. The PS3 is at the hospital and getting a hard workout!

Thank you Granny for coming to help us again. Thank you Granddaddy for baching it this weekend in order for Granny to come to Hendersonville. Please, get Granny a GPS for Valentine’s Day! 🙂

Team Hawks… We will be there Monday! I don’t know what all Trace can do, but he misses you guys and we will be there!! Thank you for all you have done for him. Coach Kovach got a tattoo for Trace. I will get a picture of it and post it to the site.

Our friends have shown us a tremendous amount of generousity and love. We will never forget it and only hope to one day be able to repay you.

Thank you all.

We love you,

The Kimler family

Thank you to Everybody!!!

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Hey, I don’t know you all out there on my website, sending me letters, gifts, or meals you provide for my family. But I do know that there are hundreds of you out there supporting me and praying for me. I don’t know how I will be able to repay you. I mean just tonight, my dad walked in while I was eating dinner. He had something with him, a box, WITH A PS3 INSIDE! He also had a gift card for Wal-Mart. I know to thank my dad’s fraternity brothers of Kappa Alpha Order for that. So thank you!!  I know that I will beat this cancer, and now I have hundreds of people who know too. This is just like another pair of defensemen and a goalie I have to score on. If beating cancer is that easy, than I’ll have no problem beating it!                                                                                      Thank you for your support.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Trace #9 aka LITTLE FIGHTER

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Trace and TooToo - my FAVORITE!!!

Trace and TooToo - my FAVORITE!!!

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Trace talking to 'Sid the Kid'!!

Trace talking to 'Sid the Kid'!!

Hockey Heaven

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on January 10, 2009

Dear All,

OMG! January 8 was a night Trace will never forget! It started with getting to sit in the Penguin’s penalty box. Talk about watching those hockey players up close! One of the Penguins flipped an ice puck into the box and Trace had a souvenir of the night!

The give away was a Predators beanie donated by Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital. As Trace said, ‘his hospital’. We will get some good use out of that hat.

Next, we got great seats to an awesome game. The Predators won! 5:3 after being down 3:0!! Then, we met with Rebecca who took Trace, Maddie, Cole Boone, the parents, the Carruths and the Lycans (we missed you, Stroud!) down to the locker room area. We got to watch Martin Erat do an interview and he stopped by to visit with us and do some autograph signing. All of the kids got Predator calendars signed and pucks signed. Trace got to talk to Erat and take some pics. Next, Rebecca handed Trace a hockey stick from Fiddler. We then got to meet Fiddler and get autographs from his as well. We thought the night was done, but Rebecca comes out with a picture of Sidney Crosby signed for TRACE! Trace literally fell to the floor and was grinning from ear to ear. Sidney walked out of the locker room and we got to say hello and he asked Trace if he got the picture he signed for him. YES!! As we were leaving, TooToo came out, signed autographs and took some pictures. It was a night none of us will soon forget. We got to see many more hockey superstars as we were walking out. We even got to say hi to the head coach, Barry Trotz.

We got home late, but who cares? Trace had a great day at school Friday and life is good 🙂

Thank you to all who made this happen.

We love you all,

The Kimlers

Trace and Martin Erat- new BFFs!!

Trace and Martin Erat- new BFFs!!

Trace is through with round 2!!!

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Peace out, Dudes!!

Peace out, Dudes!!

Hello, All,


I want to thank Martha and Danny Walters for this great website. Trace loves reading the comments and we do too!

Trace finished his second round of chemo on Tuesday, January 6. We got home from the hospital around 7pm. He did throw up a few times (his hockey coach likes to call it ‘booting’), but overall he still did really well. His visible tumor on the left shoulder has gotten much smaller in size. The bone marrow biopsy that the Doctors did was clear. Yay! We are due back in the hospital on Thursday, January 15 for round 3. (this will be a 3 day stay) My parents are planning on coming for that go round. (thank you Granny and Granddaddy!!)

Trace had planned on going to school today. We got up, I gave him his neupogen injection (to rebuild his bone marrow which the chemo knocks out), flushed his Hickman catheter, and he got ready. When he was about to go down stairs to the bus he ‘booted’. (see paragraph 2 for explanation 🙂 Anyway, he did not make it to school today. He is sleeping and feeling better, but drained. He has been sleeping a LOT lately. It felt really good for us to all be home together last night.

Trace and I decided if we make a scary/horror movie about cancer we will call it “I Know What You Ate Last Night”. If we make bumper stickers they will read “Puke Happens”. Our slogan will be ” Bald is Beautiful”. We are working on a  motto and will get back to you on that. 

The good news is Trace is going to see his favorite sport tomorrow night- hockey. The Predators are playing the Pengiuns. (his 2 favorite teams and they don’t usually play here)  For his birthday, we got our whole family tickets behind the Penguins bench. (thank the Carruths for making that happen) The boys get to sit in the penalty box during warm ups and we get to meet Trace’s favorite player after the game. (thank you Martha) This will really be a big night for him and he is really excited!! Hopefully, I will get a good picture and can figure out how to get it on this site…

Trace wants me to get rid of the rest of his hair today. He is tired of shedding. Whatever he is up for, I will do. Maddie and I are going to grow our hair for locks of love. Chris said he would grow his hair for locks of love, too. If you know what Chris’ hair looks like, you know how goofy that would be. Trace suggested he not do that, so he is going to shave his head too. 🙂 God love Daddy. Cole Boone hasn’t figured out what to do with his hair yet. He would probably rather grow it 10 inches than shave it!!

Thank you again.

Keep those prayers going.