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Trace’ll : Trace WILL!!

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on February 20, 2009

Some of you know that I have always called Trace, Trace’ll. He never really liked it very much so I tried to not call him Trace’ll in front of too many people. Recently he changed his mind and decided he liked the nickname. He said, “Hey! Trace’ll is a contraction. It means Trace will… and I WILL! I like that name. You can call me Trace’ll.” Well, let me tell you, I was going to call him whatever I wanted, but I like the positive attitude and I know Trace will!

We got the results of the scans yesterday and they were good. The scapula tumor has decreased in size from 6×3.5×10 cm on November 26 to 3×2.7×7.5 com on feb 17. The lung tumors have decreased as well. There were several small nodules that are no longer visible. The one that was 2cm (or 20mm) is now 6mm. There is a posibility of radiation of the lung. We will talk to a pulmonologist regarding this. (the orthopedic surgeon said this would not be done, but the oncologist said the pulmonary MD would discuss this with us and it was definitely a possibility) I will keep you updated on this.

Trace is doing really good in this fifth round. He is playing his new PS3 games and we are watching movies. Thank you again for all of your support and prayers.

Please, continue to pray that Trace WILL:

Beat this cancer (direct quote from Trace)

continue to play hockey (another suggestion from Trace’ll)

grow to be the man God meant him to be

We love you all,

The Kimlers


Surgery Scheduled for March 30

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on February 18, 2009

Well, we went to Vandy yesterday about 12:45 and didn’t get home until after 7pm. Thank you Beth and Stephaine for taking Maddie to soccer. Thank you to the McMains for taking care of Cole Booney.  Trace had a CT scan and MRI (with and without contrast) then we saw the surgeon. The surgeon didn’t look at the scans, so we don’t know anything about them. I am hoping the oncologist will look at them and let us know the results sometime during our stay Thursday-Saturday.

The surgery is scheduled for March 30 early am. The plans are to remove the left scapula (some of the bottom may be left). We won’t know if radiation is needed until after surgery. (the pathologist will check the edges of the bone removed and if they are clear of cancer no radiation- if they are not – radiation) The surgeon thinks Trace will be in the hospital for 3-5 days after surgery. A physical therapist is already seeing Trace and will continue after the surgery. I called her PT and Trace told the triplets his “personal trainer” was coming. The triplets want a piece of the personal trainer action already.

The surgeon said Trace will lose most of the muscles which move the arm up. (once you raise your arm to shoulder height, after that point the shoulder muscles kick in and those are the muscles which will not have a scapula to be attached to any longer) He should not have to have any of the clavicle removed. They said he will lose “about half” of his strength on the left side (shoulder strength). Trace decided in the elevator on the way out that this wasn’t so bad, “unless I am falling off a cliff and I have to hang on with my left arm”. Chris said he was only worried if Trace was hanging on with his right arm and had to hold him with his left arm to keep him from falling. 🙂 

We are scheduled for round number 5 tomorrow and the 6th and final round of this first set the last weekend in Feb. Thank you for all of your prayers.

The Kimlers

Going on a Chemo Vacation!

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on February 12, 2009

Well, Trace and I went to the clinic (where we go to have blood drawn, meet with the oncologist and await a room) and stayed for 6 hours and then we were told to go home and come back next Thursday. The reason is this. When Trace began with the neuropathy a few weeks back I noticed his palms and soles (feet) were red and warm. Recently, they both began to peel. And I mean peel a thick layer of skin. I called the doctors and they said not to worry this was just a side effect of chemo. When they saw his feet and hands today they first felt this was ok, his counts were good and we were to be admitted. Anywho, after some further research the doctors determined the protocol was to wait 7 extra days between rounds of chemo (should only be this time) for the peeling of hands and feet. The reason this took a while to find out is that Trace is only the second patient to have this side effect that they can recall. (obviously it is rare) Trace was bummed. I was too. We decided to look at it like this: He must be doing so great that the doctors want Trace to take a 7 day vacation from chemo. So we are! We are on a chemo vacation!

We should be back in the hospital on the 19th for our three day stay, round 5. That will put the last round (five day chemo) on March 9. That is a Monday. It is changing to a Monday because Trace has something special coming up on March 8. I will tell you all about that when we get more details. Of course, pictures will be posted as well.

My mother drove all the way to Hendersonville to help out, said hello to the kiddos and turned around and drove home. Thank you, Granny. Next time spend the night and I will buy you lunch!:)

Thank you tennis girls for the snack basket. We will take it next Thursday. Thank everyone for all of the meals! It is good home cooking!

We love  you all. Please, keep Trace in your prayers for great results on Tuesday when we meet with the surgeon and have scans done. I am getting antsy.


Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on February 11, 2009
The Kimler Kids and Gnash watch the Predators

The Kimler Kids and Gnash watch the Predators

Whatever It Takes!

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on February 11, 2009

A friend sent Trace a hockey pin that says, “whatever it takes”. Trace and I decided that it was a great motto! Let me tell you, Trace has what it takes! After his blood counts being so low he had to get two units of blood, he went to school  and on Sunday practiced inline hockey with his travel team for over two hours. He is such a trooper! He never complains and is always so positive. Trace has taught our family a lot about life and the importance of positive attitude.

I ask everyone to pray for Trace to have a good three day round of chemo. This is round number five of six. It has really gone by quickly. Please, also pray that we will receive good news when we meet with the orthopedic/oncologist surgeon on Tuesday. Trace will have a CT scan, MRI and bone scan then we will see the Doctor. I feel really positive that the news will be good, but it will be nice to hear it from the physician. We should know about the date for surgery and if radiation will be needed on the scapula and/or the lung.

Again, thank you to everyone that is praying for Trace and our family. I know God is listening because so many good things are happening. Just last night at the Predators Trace won a Guitar Hero game pack! One person out of 15,000 won and it was him. Good karma! Keep it coming!! We love you all.

The Kimlers

Got Blood? Trace Did!

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on February 5, 2009

Trace went to school this morning without any problem. I got a call around 10:30am that said his hemaglobin and hematocrit were mighty low and he needed to come in for a blood transfusion. We got to the clinic and Trace got two units of blood. He did great and was simply glad that it wasn’t going to hurt. He is feeling pretty good and the nurses said this would perk him up quite a bit! His white blood cells, neutrophils and platelets were all high. (good for him) I told Trace I would check him in the morning to make sure he didn’t turn into a blood sucking vampire from this blood transfusion. I will keep you tuned on that…

We are still on schedule to go back to the hospital for a three day stay (round 5) on February 12. 

Thank you to the McMains for keeping up with Maddie and Cole Booney until we could get home. 

We couldn’t do this without our friends and family.

We love you all,

The Kimlers

Trace with Coach Scott Kovach and Tanner

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on February 3, 2009
Trace with Coach Scott Kovach and Tanner

Trace with Coach Scott Kovach and Tanner

Trace Completes Round 4 And Keeps On Fighting

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on February 3, 2009

Trace went to Vandy on Thursday, January 29. He stayed for five days and did pretty well. He had lost 12 pounds in 14 days. He was eating pretty well, but when you are fighting cancer you need lots of extra calories. He also probably didn’t eat as much as normal at school due to the mouth sores. (which are now confined to his tongue, better, but not gone yet) There was no booting until he was ready to get into Granny’s car. Luckily, it was BEFORE getting into Granny’s car! Trace will be at school tomorrow and is exicted for that.

Thank you again for everything so many people are doing. We appreciate all of it.

Trace’s appointment and scans with Dr. Schwartz (the orthopedic oncologist/surgeon) have been changed to February 17 so Chris can be there with us. When we get the results, I will pass them on to you.

Trace also had to start antibiotics for a possible infection on his hand. It is just from a small cut, but right now his body does not have any WBCs to fight these little things. It should be fine and he is not running any fever with this. His neuropathy is much improved and he will continue on the neurontin for this.

We are all pretty tired, but hanging in there.

Our next clinic/hospital appointment will be February 12 on Thursday. Pray for us. This is the 3 day treatment that is easier while we are there, but seems to have more lingering side effects for Trace. (neuropathy, mouth sores,…)

Please, continue your prayers for our baby.


The Kimlers