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Lil Fighter Comes Through Surgery With Flying Colors! We Are Half Way Done!!!

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on March 31, 2009

Trace’ll went into surgery around 8:30am. It was delayed over an hour due to ‘paperwork’ issues. The issue being the wrong date was on the precertification and in order for it to be covered we had to wait on insurance to REapprove. Anyhow, we got started and finished around 11:30am. Lil Fighter was in a lot of pain. It was hard to explain to him how removing a scapula would feel… I think a lot of the pain comes from the giant tube coming from his scapular area (a Hemovac drain) to drain the excess fluid. Hopefully, that will come out tomorrow and he will start perking up. He slept most of the day while getting IV pain meds and a PCA pump. Tomorrow is a new day!

The surgeon said his scapula looked really good. The tumor started out pretty large, but by the time of surgery was barely visible. The scapula will be sent to pathology. It takes 1 week to soften the bone to section it and then test the sections. After this testing, we should know the percent decrease of the tumor (100% sounds fine to me) and if the perimeters have any cancer cells. If they do, he will have radiation to his left scapula as well as his right lung. I told him radiation might make him big and strong like gamma rays did the Hulk, but without the ‘green’ anger.

Thank you to everyone who sent texts, made phone calls, sent cards and get will gifts and mostly to all of the prayer warriors there are out there. God hears you and so do the Kimlers.

Thank you Jeff and Audra for doing a wonderful story on Trace’s Journey. (where was my airbrushing ???) He feels like a movie star now!  Thank you to Lyn Plantinga for introducing our family to Channel 5 News.

Thank you to all of the Predators and Predators staff for making Trace’ll feel like part of your hockey family. He will remember being a stick boy, visiting your locker room, sitting on your bench, trading knuckles with you, talking with you and being a part of your team for a lifetime. If he doesn’t I have the pictures to prove it! Rebecca you are a WONDERFUL lady and are a special part of our lives.

We are half way home and it feels great!!!

The Kimler Family


Trace’ll Is Ready To Take On Surgery and Finish Chemotherapy!

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on March 30, 2009


JP Dumont wishes Trace goodluck on his surgery

JP Dumont wishes Trace goodluck on his surgery

Tomorrow is surgery and I think everyone is getting a little anxious… I hope it goes well, quickly and Trace has a speedy recovery. We should be in the hospital for 3-5 days after surgery. Luckily, our spring break is April 6-10 so Lil Fighter will have extra time to recuperate and get his makeup work done before heading back to Ellis Middle School. Last night Trace prayed that the surgeon would do a good job and that he could get a stationary bike in his room again. His mind is on the fact that he can’t skate as fast as he used to and he just wants to get that back! I love the innocent  mind of a child.


I think seeing himself on TV tonight will keep Trace occupied and hopefully he can get a good night’s sleep. We have to be at Vandy at 6am and his surgery is scheduled for 7:15am. The surgeon (Dr. Herbert Schwartz) has not told us exactly how long the actual operation will take yet. I also don’t know when Trace’ll can begin physical therapy (PT), but I know Trace is anxious to get his ‘personal trainer’ back out here!

Thank you for your continued prayers. We are almost half-way through!!!

God Bless you all,

Amy and Family

Trace’ll Will Be On News Channel 5 @ 5pm on Monday, March 30

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on March 28, 2009

Trace will be on News Channel 5 on Monday at 5pm with Jeff Tang. Check him out!

Deadline for Ordering Lil Fighter t-shirts is April 1, 2009

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on March 27, 2009

If anyone is interested in Lil Fighter/ Kimler 9 t-shirts, email Wendie Angus at The deadline is April 1, 2009.

Have a Great Day!!

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on March 25, 2009


The Kimler Kids get Trace'll ready to be Stick Boy for the Preds

The Kimler Kids get Trace'll ready to be Stick Boy for the Preds

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on March 25, 2009


Cam and Trace'll ham it up for the camera

Cam and Trace'll ham it up for the camera

Lil Fighter T-shirts

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on March 25, 2009

dsc_0282Many of you have expressed an interest in getting a Lil Fighter t-shirt… Wendie Angus has graciously offered to get another order going. She can be reached by email at We love seeing them when we go places and owe Cam and Jack a big thank you for doing this for Trace. Trace told Jeff (from the news) all about you and showed the shirts during his interview. Jeff may contact the school for some footage of the interview Cam and Jack did with Trace. It can be seen at . Go to the CNN section and look on March 18. (I think- I will check on that date) 

Talk to you guys soon,


Trace’ll is a Predator Stick Boy on FSN!!

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on March 25, 2009

On Tuesday night, Trace, our family and seven of his travel inline buddies got to go to the Predators vs. Ducks game. This was the night Lil Fighter got to do his stick duties! The day started of with Jeff Tang from Channel 5 news and his coworker, Audra, coming to the house to interview our budding movie star. Jeff interviewed Chris and me, then got some footage of Trace’ll and Cole Booney skating and shooting the puck. He then interviewed Maddie and CB (Cole told everyone he was adorable during the interview) and even Haddie Rose got in on the action. Finally, Jeff interviewed Trace (in his new hockey bedroom, courtesy of Ellis Middle School supporters). It was a great day. Jeff told us this interview will air on Monday, March 30. This happens to be the day before Trace’s big surgery…

We got to the Sommet Center at 6pm and met with Rebecca Ward of the Predators. We LOVE her!! Trace went with her to the Preds locker room where he got to hang with the big boys and check out all of the cool stuff. Trace’ll got to sit on the bench during warmups and hand out sticks. Many of the Preds came over to say hi to Trace. Many asked where his big ‘fro was. (you may recall his cool wig from the Predators Black Tie Gala) He was all smiles and even made it onto FSN. Some friends of my brother’s (in West Tennessee) saw Trace and called to let my family know he was a national TV star now! Rebecca is getting me a copy of the game- we haven’t even seen Trace in action. Before the warmups, the equipment manager gave Trace a Preds Stanley Cup Playoff game puck and one for the Penguins signed by Sidney Crosby!! At the end of the warmups, Dan Ellis skated over and gave Trace his goalie stick!! We love those Predators. JP Dumont, who has always been super nice, gave Trace a signed poster of himself. His room has cool hockey stuff everywhere now!!!

Anyway, it was another night to NOT forget! Thank you to all who made this happen and to those who shared it with us. We love you all,


Trace’ll Goes Back for More Blood!!! Trace’s Neutrophils Are Low, But His Spirit Is NOT!

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on March 19, 2009

I drew Trace’s lab on Tuesday and his Hct and Hgb were really low, but he was feeling pretty good. On Wednesday at 2pm, he called me from school to come home. Trace had a headache and dizziness which are symptoms of low red blood cell counts. His platelets are good, but everything else is low. Today it is Thursday and we are headed to Vandy to get some blood. (only RBCs) He is also neutropenic (which means he can not fight infection right now), so even if we weren’t getting blood today he couldn’t go to school due to a very high risk of infection. The neutropenia usually only lasts a few days. I am giving him neupogen injections to increase his counts. He is still very positive and happy! I call him the Happy Elf (Harry Connick, Jr. sings this christmas song and I LOVE Harry) So…. while the Happy Elf will not be at school, he will be busy beating cancer!

Trace’ll (and the rest of the family as well) is loving seeing the Lil Fighter t-shirts on people! It is truly exciting to see it on someone that we don’t even know! That lets you know how supportive the community as a whole is. Hendersonville ROCKS!

Still planning on surgery on March 31 in the am and beginning the second half of chemo 2-3 weeks after that. Git ‘er done! Maybe my last post can be… GOT ‘ER DONE!!

You guys are great and we love you all! God Bless you.

The Kimlers

Ellis Middle School Shows Support for Trace #9 aka Lil Fighter

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on March 16, 2009

Today at school Trace received the t-shirt that his school, Ellis Middle School, has made in support of his fight. It is a blue shirt (his favorite color) with Kimler 9 on the back and aka Lil Fighter on the front. Trace is quite proud of this shirt and the principal, Ms. Poe, let the kids that bought the tee come to the gym to present Trace with his and get a group picture made. This is a perfect example of how people in the community are showing their support for Trace. We are so grateful for this show of compassion! Next week we are having a family picture made and we are wearing our Trace tees in one of the group photos. We even got Haddie Rose one. (for those of you who don’t know she is our 88lb chocolate lab that you see in some of the pics)

Trace is having a great day. He is still a little tired from 5 days of chemo, but still no booting!! He gets a chemo vacation until mid April or so then we complete the chemo trip. Wish us well. Pray hard.

Love you all,


aka Lil Fighter’s Mom and No 1 fan