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Chemo #11 Completed With Flying Colors!!

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on June 16, 2009

Trace got chemo on Monday in the clinic instead of having to be admitted to the hospital. We got to do this for two reasons: 1. The “red devil” (adriamycin) is completed and 2. I am able to give him his IV fluids, mesna (for bladder/kidneys) and Zofran at home. Yay! We only had to be there for a few hours and come back home to rest and sleep. He was back to golf and tennis this morning. This chemo does make him a little tired, but not too bad.


We continue to look forward to the end of this journey! Thank you for praying with us.



The Kimlers


More Blood and CT Scan Results

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on June 12, 2009

Yesterday, Thursday, the clinic called and asked me to bring Trace’ll in for more blood. His Hgb and Hct were pretty low. He got 2 units of PRBCs and his color was much improved! He never complained of feeling tired, but I am sure he did. He came home after the clinic (we were there from 11am until about 6pm) and ran a couple of miles on the treadmill. He never quits!


We heard from the CT scan of Trace’s lungs and scapula area. Nothing new showed up which is a great thing. The right middle lobe (lung) tumor that started out as 2cm then became 6mm is now 4mm. We had hoped it would be gone, but it is getting smaller. The Dr did not call me (a nurse did) so I don’t have any news from them about this result. We have 4 more rounds of chemo and hopefully that will erase all cancer in Lil Fighter’s body. Then the radiation can be the second line of defense!


Trace’s inline travel hockey team is headed to another tournament this weekend. We wish them the best and hope they come home with a VICTORY! Trace’ll can’t wait to be out there with you guys again and is working hard to stay in shape. Today after golf this morning he went to the ice rink downtown and skated for a couple of hours. It felt good to be on the ice!


I will be giving Trace IV fluids at home on Sunday night so he can get his chemo in the clinic on Monday instead of staying in the hospital. When we get home Monday I will continue the IV fluids and give him mesna (for his bladder) and we will be done for another 2 weeks. Keep praying for  our Lil’ Fighter!


We love you all,


Update On Radiation and Scapulectomy

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on June 4, 2009

The surgeon came this early this morning. He said the clavicle and humerus are grinding, but this is ok. The Dr said when Trace is finished with chemo his body will develop a bursa (or a cushion) between the bones. He can continue with therapy and activities as he has been doing.  An xray was ordered since he has not had one since surgery, but we won’t hear from that for at least a day or so.


We also met with the Radiation Dr. today. He was very nice and let us know what to expect with the radiation treatments. Trace had about a 2cm lesion on his right middle lung (we knew about this one) and also a 2cm lesion on his left lower lung (didn’t know about this one). He also had several smaller lesions on both lungs. The chemo has reduced all of these including the 2 cm lesions. The left lobe lesion is no longer detected and the right lobe lesion was decreased by 60% after only 4 rounds of chemo. Trace’ll will have about 12 days of radiation to both lungs – total lung radiation. The reason for this is the cancer cells can be anywhere in the lungs and be too small to be detected. The radiation is done to the total lungs to help ensure the cancer will not return. The risk of lung damage is minimal. We were originally told this radiation would be done in conjunction with chemo, but it will not be. It will be daily for 12 days (weekends not included) after completion of his chemo. The Radiation Dr. was very nice and explained everything in great detail. The radiation should not hurt and will only take minutes for each treatment to be done.


Trace’ll is feeling good- no booting! We should get home tomorrow (Friday) afternoon and he will be able to rest over the weekend and get back to tennis, golf, hockey, running by Monday. He is now able to continue with occupational and physical therapy and ride that stationary bike!  Thank you for all of the prayers.


We love you all,


Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on June 2, 2009


Chris, Trace'll and Amy at the Big Swim for the Little Fighter

Chris, Trace'll and Amy at the Big Swim for the Little Fighter



Chris and Lil' Fighter at the Big Swim

Chris and Lil' Fighter at the Big Swim

Trace'll going down the water slide at Strobie's big 40

Trace'll going down the water slide at Strobie's big 40

Round 10 Begins – No Booting Allowed!

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on June 2, 2009

Round 10 is underway! We didn’t get into the room yesterday until about 7pm, but we did get in a room on 6B. That means that we can have movie/pizza night for the whole family in the room with Trace’ll! That is a big deal. We have only been able to have our whole family in the room together one other time. It makes Trace happy to get to see everyone at one time.


Trace wants to congratulate the Hendersonville Hawks on their great job at the Knoxville tournament. We are so proud of you guys and only sad that we didn’t get to go with you. Also, congratulations to Lee McMains who got the goalie award. You rock!! You all rock!!! Thank you for including Trace in everything you guys do.


The surgeon should come to see Lil’ Fighter today and let us know what is going on with his shoulder. Hopefully, this is only a normal part of the recovery process. Trace is already asking me where his stationary bike is so he can do his exercise in the room. He is so driven. Another trait he gets from me…


I am still tired from Strobie turning 40. All my friends are getting so old…  Chris and Madelon will be 40 in the fall so be on the look out for a big over the hill party coming up. We should be done with chemo and can have a huge celebration. I feel the need for a band and a late night with black balloons.


We heard from Make-a-Wish and I think Trace (and his lucky family) will be watching hockey at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Exciting! The kids have never left the country, seen the olympics or skiied. Hopefully, we can manage to fit all of that into the trip.


Hope everyone is enjoying the summer and the beautiful weather. We are! Thank you Granny for staying with the kiddos and thank you to all of my friends for watching the two youngsters at the pool.(Especially you Jillie)  Bluegrass is our home away from home especially in the summer. Thank you Monica for taking Maddie to swim practice every morning. I appreciate it and Cole Booney loves it that he gets to sleep an extra 45 minutes! I love sleep!! I truly don’t know what I would do without everyone out there. Please, keep praying. The prayers are working :>)

Love to you all,

The Kimler Family

The Big Swim Makes a Huge Splash!!!

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on June 1, 2009

The Big Swim was Friday night at Bluegrass Country Club and it was awesome! There were tons of people and it was a lot of fun. Trace’ll got to watch movies, play games, eat and play some tennis. Channel 4 news came and did a story on the event. The Hendersonville community raised $14,000 for Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and Trace. Wow!


Thank you to Jenn Motz, Monica Wessel, Madelon Lycans and Lisa Stubbs for the immense amount of time and planning that went into the event. Bluegrass Yacht and Country Club was wonderful to allow the big swim to be done and open to the public. Thank you to the many sponsors and to First Tennessee Bank for being the main sponsor. Thank you to all who attended and supported Trace.


We are in for round number 10. This will be a 5 day stay. The surgeon is coming to check on Trace because he is having some brusing, swelling and the humerus and clavicle seem to be rubbing with certain movements. Lil’ Fighter has been playing a lot of tennis and golf lately, though. Hopefully, everything is fine.


Thank you again for the support and love.


The Kimler Family