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More Pictures from the 2010 Olympics

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on March 4, 2010

Trace and Canadian Olympic hockey player

Trace'll and Team USA hockey player

Trace'll and Team USA hockey captain

Trace'll and Parise from Team USA hockey

Chritty and Trace'll at Team USA vs. Canada gold medal hockey game

The Kimler Kids with Australian gold medal winner in Ladies Aerial Skiing with her gold medal! We actually saw her win the gold medal and then ran into her at the airport on her way home. Thanks, Lydia!


Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on March 2, 2010

Maddie skiing for the first time

Trace'll the snowboarder

Cole Booney and Chritty skiing

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on March 2, 2010

The Kimlers arrived in Vancouver

Trace'll and Teemu?? a NHL player that was at the Olympics playing for Finland

The Kimler Kids at the Olympic Arena

Chris and Lil' Fighter

The Kimler Kids on the Sky Lift for Grouse Mountain to do some skiing

Vancouver 2010 Olympics were awesome!!!

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on March 2, 2010

Vancouver was awesome! We got to see the Ladies Aerial Ski Jump Finals and met the Australian gold medalist at the airport and got the kids picture made with her and her gold medal!

We got to go skiing and it was great. It was raining/sleeting when we went, but the kids still loved it. We definitely want to do a family ski trip now. I was great at skiing! I can go superfast, but I haven’t figured out the whole stopping thing. I have the bruises  to prove it! My family thought it was pretty funny. Trace’ll was a great snow boarder and spent all  his time doing that. Maddie and Cole Booney picked up skiing pretty fast, too.

We went to the USA vs Finland hockey game and saw the US score 6 goals in the first period alone!!! Trace’ll got to meet many hockey players at the hotel, around town and at the airport.

The last thing we did was go to the Gold Medal game. It was so great that is was USA vs. Canada. The US tied in the  last minute and it went to overtime!!! The funny thing is Sidney Crosby scored the overtime goal and we were sitting seven rows back from the goal SO… we are on the front of many Canada papers! We bought some just to prove it! It was a great time, but we are pretty exhausted from flying all night. (we got to the Vancouver airport at 2pm on Monday and got home on Tuesday morning about 9am)

Thank you Make A Wish!!!

We love you all,

The Kimler Family

This is how close we were to our Predator and USA assistant captain Ryan Suter

Trace'll celebrating when the US tied Canada in the last minute of the game to take it to overtime!!

In the limo on the way to Vancouver Olympics 2010