Tracking Trace

Trace’ll gets the all-clear at Vandy

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on February 16, 2011

Trace’ll, Chris and I went to Vandy this am to have a follow-up CT scan of  his lungs. The results were great. Last month, the CT was said to show two new nodules in the right superior lung 2mm each. There was also a new nodule in the right lower lobe at 2.5mm. The CT still showed all three of these nodules, but… The Dr. said they went back and reviewed the previous CT scans and one of the upper 2mm nodules has been there for several months with no change. The other two could have been there as well. They are super tiny (1/3 of 1/4th of an inch) and each scan is done in different ‘sections’ and your body is always in a different position. Dr. Mixon said, “my level of concern has greatly decreased”. (not an exact quote) That is enough for us to rejoice!

Trace finally admitted that he had been worried, but quickly followed that with, “but you were worried too. You big cry baby.” (and a big grin) I told him he could skip the rest of school today (sorry HHS) and party with me. We actually were invited by Vandy and the Preds to have a professional photography session with Trace and Kevin Klein #8. Kevin had gotten stitches in his mouth yesterday on the left side from someone hitting him with a hockey stick during the game. He asked if the photographer could switch sides to his “better side”. (he was having a hard time smiling with the stitches) Trace said not to worry because he (Trace) didn’t have a bad side. Smarty pants!

Also, the Predators hockey team is having another Hockey Fights Cancer night on March 12. They have asked Trace’ll to be the blueliner of the game on that night. He will get to put on all of his hockey gear and stand with the players on the blue line as the National Anthem is sung. He is very excited. WE LOVE the PREDATORS and Rebecca Ward!!!!!

Mostly, I want to thank every one for all  of the prayers sent on Trace’s behalf. They worked. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

God Bless you all,