Tracking Trace

Trace’ll goes to Vandy for follow-up scans and appointment

Posted in Daily Updates by Amy Kimler on July 13, 2011

Trace’ll went Monday for his pulmonary function test, MRI of left scapular space and his CAT scan of lungs. I called the oncologist yesterday and found out that his lung scan was “stable”! Another words, all clear! Thank you for the many prayers once again. We go in today to meet our new oncologist, Dr. Ho. We will miss Dr. Avery Mixon very much, but know he will be happy with his family in Chattanooga and continue to bring hope and healing to families who receive the devastating diagnosis of CANCER.

The kids have been very busy this summer. Trace’ll has had ice hockey for HHS, hockey camps for both inline and ice, and weight training for HHS ice hockey. I was really concerned for him (with his left scapula and three muscles in his upper arm/and back), but he is doing well. The main thing is that he is happy with  his progress and Trace is definitely his own worst critic. That boy is hard on himself at times! He kept a 4.0 in high school even with honors and advanced honors classes. We are very proud of him for so many things. Maddie is almost 14! She loves soccer, swim team (summer only), tennis, cross country and lacrosse. She has been doing some dog sitting and baby sitting and is enjoying shopping with that $$. Like mother like daughter… Cole Booney is having a great summer being at the pool with friends, playing tennis and  playing xbox live. That boy is a couch potato! (but a fun one)

The family is going to the beach at the end of July with my parents and both brothers and nieces and nephews. We are very excited! We haven’t been to the beach since the summer of 2008. We love the beach so this will be a great time and a celebration of Trace being cancer free for two years! Please, continue to pray for Trace to remain cancer free and for all of the others who are not so lucky.

God blessed us with this family and we are very thankful for all that we have.

The Kimler Family


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