Tracking Trace

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Trace’ll goes to Vandy Monday for scans

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Trace’ll goes in Monday to Vandy for his CAT scan of the lungs and MRI of his left scapular area. Please, keep him in your prayers to remain cancer free. We will find out the results of the scans on Wednesday. Thank you, all.

Trace’ll Remains Cancer Free!!!

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Thank you for all of the prayers and support. Trace’s scans are clear and he remains cancer-free!!! His next scans will be in October. Have a great summer!

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Ashlee Kate and Trace'll honorary co-chairs for Relay for Life Hendersonville

Chritty and Trace'll at Titans softball tourney

Cole Booney got to hold a baby raccoon named Chance

Having a Great Summer

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Trace'll and his Hendersonville Hawks coach Scott Kovach at an inline travel tournament

Cole Booney and Cross at vacation bible school

Maddie and friends at a swim meet

Chritty and Trace'll hanging out in the pool on July 4

The boys and I playing a little poker

Chritty and Trace'll at a Predators hockey playoff game. Thank you, Colin Wilson (Predators player) for callilng me and giving us the tickets!!

Trace'll playing some golf at Bluegrass

The Kimlers tubing on the lake

This is Cole Booney boogie boarding in our front yard one week after our big Nashville flood!

The Kimler Kids with the Titans

The Kimler Kids at the Titans softball tourney

The Kimler Kids at Relay for Life

Trace'll and Ashlee Kate starting the Relay for Life walk

Maddie got her braces off after 4 long years! Look at those pearly whites!!

Maddie and her cousin, Parker aka P$

Trace's long hair and big smile!

Maddie on the day of her baptism

The Kimler Kids

We are having a great summer, but I must say it is going by way too fast! School will be here before we know it and Trace’ll will be heading off to high school! It is hard to believe. He has been enjoying HHS ice hockey practice and doesn’t seem to be nervous about starting the 9th grade. I am…

Trace’ll is spending the summer playing tennis, golf, doing a little swimming, spending a lot of time at the ice rink and sleeping late. Maddie is at soccer camp right now and has been playing golf, tennis, doing swim team (she has done really well this season), indoor soccer and hanging out with friends whenever she can. C0le Booney is playing golf and tennis and spending every available moment playing gator at the pool!

On June 13 our family was invited to be special guests at the Titans celebrity softball tournament. It was hot, but was a lot of fun! The kids got to meet a lot of the football players and we all had a great time.

On June 18 Trace and Ashlee Kate were honorary co-chairs for Hendersonville’s Relay for Life. They got to start the walk and we all had a great time there.

Trace’ll goes to Vandy today for pulmonary function tests, echocardiogram, EKG, CT scan of both lungs, chest xray and MRI of left scapula area. We will be there all afternoon and into night, but are praying the test results will continue to be great! The longer we can go with no recurrence the better!!! Forever is the goal to pray for!

We meet with Dr. Mixon on Thursday to discuss the results and I will let you know the good news when we get it!

Have a great day and remember to pray for Trace’ll!!

The Kimler Family

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Trace and former Titan football player Kevin Carter

Trace is the honorary guest at Kevin Carter’s Make a Wish Event

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Tuesday night Trace’ll was the ┬áhonorary guest at Kevin Carter’s (retired Titan) Make a Wish event. It was at the Palm restaurant and was super nice and star-studded. We sat at a table with a Titan’s Defense coach and met lots of cool people. Trace got to give a speech about why Make a Wish was important to him and how great his trip was. He did a fantastic job!

The Predators are headed to the play-offs! Go Preds!!

Trace’ll had his scans on Monday (MRI of the left scapular area and CT of lungs) and we met with the Doctor on Thursday. (Dr. Mixon, our personal hero- Trace says that is who saved his life and he did) The results continue to be GREAT and Trace’ll is still cancer FREE!! Thank you Lord. Thank you for all of the continued prayers and support.

Trace’ll is loving inline hockey and having a great season. Maddie is playing travel soccer and lacrosse and really enjoying both. Cole Booney is playing inline and doing great. We ┬áhave been on spring break the past two weeks and spending each and every day on the tennis courts and golf course. We are all ready for school to be out and summer to begin!

We got to meet our adorable cousin/nephew Parker. He is ‘awesome’ as Booney put it and is a real cutie. Cole Booney can not understand why we can’t (won’t) have a baby at our house for him to play with. Of course, he wants it to be a guaranteed boy… if it is a girl he said no thank you.

Trace’s next scans will be in July and I will keep everyone posted.

Trace'll at inline hockey before scoring three goals in the game!

The Kimler Kids and a large UFC fighter

Trace'll and NBC Football commentator Chris ...

The Kimler Kids and Titans Drew Bennett

Trace and Titans coach Jeff Fisher

Trace'll and a Texan football player who is the largest human I have ever seen in my life!

Trace'll playing inline hockey

Trace'll 'borrowing' Kevin Carter's super bowl ring

Scott Hamilton and the Kimler kids

Predators Dustin Boyd, Collin Wilson, Nick Spaling and Jordin TooToo with the Kimler kids

Kevin Carter and the Kimlers

Hope everyone is having a great day and take care,

The Kimler Family

More Pictures from the 2010 Olympics

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Trace and Canadian Olympic hockey player

Trace'll and Team USA hockey player

Trace'll and Team USA hockey captain

Trace'll and Parise from Team USA hockey

Chritty and Trace'll at Team USA vs. Canada gold medal hockey game

The Kimler Kids with Australian gold medal winner in Ladies Aerial Skiing with her gold medal! We actually saw her win the gold medal and then ran into her at the airport on her way home. Thanks, Lydia!

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Maddie skiing for the first time

Trace'll the snowboarder

Cole Booney and Chritty skiing

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The Kimlers arrived in Vancouver

Trace'll and Teemu?? a NHL player that was at the Olympics playing for Finland

The Kimler Kids at the Olympic Arena

Chris and Lil' Fighter

The Kimler Kids on the Sky Lift for Grouse Mountain to do some skiing